• You might be familiar with this fresh craze termed as matcha and thinking what it's all about. Matcha Tea is a green tea leaf of the Camellia Sinensis plant which has been grounded into fine powder. It was commonly used in Japanese tea rituals, but nowadays, it is widely consumed everywhere because of its remarkable health benefits. Keep reading to learn more regarding this product.


    Brief History


    Its history dates all the way back to the Chinese Tang Dynasty during the 600's, although matcha tea is often associated with Japan. In this period, matcha green tea was prepared really diversely compared now. The leaves would be steamed first then shaped to tea bricks. If the Chinese would like to drink the tea, they would break off a part of the tea brick, pound it into powder using a mortar then mix it in hot water. Later on, a travelling monk known as Eisai took home this tea to Japan, from China. Other kinds of tea would gradually take the place of matcha green tea in China over the next couple of centuries but gained popularity in Japan. Zen monasteries would make use of Matcha Japanese Green Tea during their meditation as it helped keep them focused. From the monasteries, the use of this tea would be brought to the higher classes in Japan like the samurai class. On the 16th century, drinking tea became a widespread practice among the social classes in Japan. These days, the entire world is taking notice of this wonderful tea.


    How The Tea Is Produced


    Around six weeks prior to the harvest, the tea farms are shaded for the sunlight not to get to the plants. The tea leaves produce more chlorophyll and amino acids considering they are receiving lesser sunlight. It's the amino acids which gives matcha its famous flavour as the chlorophyll provides its unique green colour. Then, almost all of the leaves are thrown away while only the finest leaves are pulverised into powder.


    How To Prepare The Tea


    The tea preparation is easy. You'll just need a cup, some boiling water and a sifter. Firstly, sift gently the powder into your cup. It is to avoid tea powder from forming curds. Pour the hot water and stir until it turns creamy. There, you now have your cup of matcha tea. The last part is to delight in it!


    What About Other Kinds Of Matcha Food Items?


    Matcha Green Tea Powder Reviews may be all the rave, however, you might be curious why there are also matcha sweets, ice cream, and even cakes on the market. This is becausecreative individuals have added matcha powder to other food that we consume. Eating matcha-flavoured treats will not provide you the same health benefits as drinking tea for the reason that it is being mixed with other sorts of substances, but they are delectable, at least!


    To summarise, matcha tea was originally a tea from China that gained popularity in Japan. Because of its health benefits and excellent flavour, matcha is currently being enjoyed across the world. A lot of coffee and tea places serve it. You can also shop for the tea from groceries or wellness shops. In addition, you even could eat matcha as a dessert tr

    Beverages 101: Matcha Green Tea, History And Traditional Preparation